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4030 Tates Creek Rd  #5014
Lexington, KY  40517
Phone: 904 660 5439

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About Us
Here at HotShotMX, we specialize in Motocross Graphics and Decals. We are dedicated to bring you the highest quality Bike Graphics available on the market today. With our exceptional service and top of the line quality, we guarantee your satisfaction!!!

Browse our designs, and feel free to contact us anytime should you have any questions. You can also place your order with us online. Every kit can be customized with the colors and logos of your choice. We are ready to work with you to make your dream bike a reality!

Once you have made your payment you will have a visual preview for your approval within one business day. Our turnaround time is a maximum of  2 days to shipment, from artwork approval.

All of our materials are specifically made to stand up to the demands of your motocross and off-road adventures. Our graphics are 18Mil THICK and have a very high bond adhesive which will ensure your graphics to stay on your bike and not end up in the dirt!  Each sticker is individually made to order, we do not mass produce. Our graphics are thermally printed to ensure bright vivid colors ,and then laminated with a very thick and durable laminate for extra protection. It is then machine-cut with smooth edges for a perfect fit.


 You've tried the rest.... now try the best!


 Installation Tips
Thank you for purchasing your graphics form HotShotMX. Below are some application tips to assist you with applying your graphics correctly.


Wet Installation


Thoroughly clean the surface of where you intend to place your new decals with a high flashpoint cleaner that leaves no residue such as carburetor cleaner or brake cleaner. 

Make a soapy solution in a spray bottle by mixing about ¼ teaspoon of dishwashing liquid to a pint of water. This method may NOT work on some side panels with complex curves (YZF’s and CRF’s).

Spray this onto your plastic and also onto the sticky side of the graphic. Be carefull as to not touch the adhesive side with dirty fingers – use your nails to hold it. You can wet it down – it will not harm the decals.

Line up your graphics on the the intended space and “ float” into place.


Take a plastic squeegee and squeeze the water out from between the graphic and the plastic. Start in the middle and move the solution outward. Make sure all the water is out, so that you leave no bubbles.

Place your bike in the sun if possible, and return frequently to tap down edges ( this will happen due to moisture) DO NOT ride your bike within 24 hrs of application, as to allow all moisture to evaporate, and glue to cure properly


Dry Installation 

Thoroughly clean the surface of where you intend to place your new decals with a high flashpoint cleaner that leaves no residue such as carburetor cleaner or brake cleaner. 

Place your graphics with backing paper on the area to be fitted. Align with holes and curves.

Peel the backing paper away at the top of the background. Peel appx. 1" and then check your alignment. Don't be afraid to fold the backing paper. Apply the top portion to the plastic.

When you have proper alignment, start peeling the backing paper away while working the background into the plastic. You can use a small squeegee or even your fingers to do this.Make sure not to leave any bubbles.

If you do get any bubbles or wrinkles, slowly peal back graphic, and re-apply. Work with small areas at a time , until the entire decal is done.


We are dedicated to bring you the highest quality decals available on the market today. Due to the environment in which these decals are being used, it will have to be replaced after a period of time. Due to the abusive racing environment, HotShotMX can not warrant any decals due to improper installation, damage or normal wear.

Our graphics are made to fit OEM plastics and therefore some trimming might be required due to shape differences in aftermarket plastics.

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Top of the line Motocross Graphics and Decals
4030 Tates Creek Rd # 5014
Lexington, KY 40517
Phone: 904 660 5439

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